Top 8 Benefits Of Learning Business Operations With An Interactive Game Based Simulation

April 27, 2022
Top 8 Benefits Of Learning Business Operations With An Interactive Game Based Simulation

Top 8 Benefits Of Learning Business Operations With An Interactive Game Based Simulation (Why Employees Should Consider It)

When you think about business operations, a lot of things can come to mind. Long hours — yes that too. Long-term projects — yes, we got those too. These are just some of the things that can make business operations such difficult work. But there are also solutions to making these challenges quite a bit more manageable, and they come in the form of game-based simulation. 

Game based simulations  are used in multiple facets of business situations, ranging from marketing to communication to customer support and more. Game based business simulations are one of the useful techniques to assess a situation before going big scale with your business plan. This can give you a lot of insights about your business model in a very short time. 

Read ahead as we share some top benefits about how gamified simulations can help entrepreneurs in improving their business operations.

8 Key Benefits Of Learning Operations Management Using Game Based Simulation.

1. Learn To Recognize, Interpret And Capitalize On Trends That Can Impact Your Business

When your employees understand and adapt to the ebbs and flow of business, they are able to respond more quickly to changing market conditions, react faster to competitive threats, and seize opportunities for increased orders.

Game based simulation is highly customizable. It can be tailored to any company’s budget, size, facilities, inventory, and other resources. With the help of advanced gamified learnings, your employees will learn to recognize and interpret trends that can impact your company’s bottom line in real time.

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2. Estimates The Amount Of Time And Effort Needed To Complete The Work

The vast majority of project managers (70%) underestimate the effort required. Even if you're aware that you don't know what's ahead, when creating a project plan you still need to provide a reasonably accurate estimate of how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Game based simulation will help estimate how many workers you need and how much time and effort it will take to complete the work. People often misunderstand how much time a particular task or project takes. A number of factors can lead to this, including overconfidence or rushing through a job to meet an unrealistic deadline. You can avoid this by using game based simulation to help employees practice and figure out the best way to do these tasks in the fastest time possible.

3. Minimize costs and maximize utilization of resources

 Operations management with game based simulation can help minimize costs and maximize utilization of resources by enabling employees to put their knowledge of business operations in a real life context while solving complex problems in a safe environment  by allowing users to test out different business plans before committing a large amount of money for the real thing.

4. Helps Employees Practice And Deal With Challenges At Hand

Gamified simulations help employees understand the challenges at hand and why it is important to run a successful business from varying industries. This helps employees gain first-hand experience in running a business and learn how to manage business operations under pressure.

With gamified simulations, you can test your skills in how you handle business operations in an interactive, real-world business environment. Not just that, you will also make a series of strategic decisions for your company and see how these decisions impact key financial results such as profitability and business operations.

5. Avoid Mistakes On The Critical Pieces That Drive Business Operations

Out in the real world, it’s do-or-die. Even minor mistakes can prove costly and difficult to correct. With game-based simulations, your employees get a chance to practice how to improve key areas of their operations and see the effects of their decisions. Simulating real business situations supports learning tools to introduce employees to practical quantitative problem-solving and decision making in a real business setting.

Operations management is the art of managing the operations of a business that provides goods or services. In many ways, good operations make up the pillars on which good business stands - it's integral to effectively meeting customer needs, and not just critical, but vital to effective business development.

6. Create A Competency Framework To Bridge Gaps In Skill

Using simulation based learning in operations management lets businesses create a competency framework to help identify and close gaps in skills. Because of the increased systemic visibility granted by simulation, managers can locate skill gaps that stem from operational processes or choices.

Simulation gives people context, so that when they come back to their day job, they have a better idea of how the pieces fit together in real life. It helps your employees focus on training to improve critical capabilities, advance your operational performance and achieve a high level of familiarity by seeing the benefits in different areas of operations management like inventory, quality control, procurement, and much more

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 7. Help You Understand The Operations You Are Expected To Set-up

Business operations are at the core of the role, but the process is not always that intuitive. Game based simulations will help you understand what is involved in setting up and running various operations. 

It provides a visual representation of the area you are working in and allows you to see where things go and how they interact.  Not only that, it also helps your team master the business operation management of your production lines -figure out your business's optimal staffing levels.

8. Understanding Quality Related Concepts That Bring Repeat Orders

Quality is a vital parameter that affects customer satisfaction and willingness to repeat order. If you are able to have a strong hold on quality, your customers will come back to you again and again.

Two of the benefits of learning operations management using game based simulation are improved understanding of quality related concepts and the ability for user to create customized scenarios that can be used for training and learning. Addressing quality in its true context helps employees appreciate the importance of quality and grasp its relationship with various functions such as Operations, Marketing and Finance.


Business operation management can be quite abstract and more difficult to grasp when only done in theory. Game based simulations are much easier to understand and scale.

It’s time to challenge your team to make both short-term optimizations and long-term strategic adjustments in operations management, with an engaging game based simulation. Are you ready? 

Bonus Tip: If you are a HR or a team leader looking to improve the way your team looks at business operations management, you should consider learning business operations using game based simulation to help them hone their cognitive, decision making, time management and many interpersonal skills

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