Self Paced Gamified Simulations to boost self-esteem and self-reflection

Go through the courses at your pace, your comfort and from anywhere. Set your own benchmarks!

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Learn at your pace, your place, and your preferences

Hate following a set schedule? Self Paced Gamified Simulations come with due dates or expiry. Take your own time and get to the cores of the concept through our highly interactive gamified simulations.

Top benefits of Self Paced Gamified Simulations

Designed to help you accomplish the courses at your own speed and schedule.
Opportunity to focus and dig deeper on challenging concepts, while passing easily through already known concepts. Ultimately, saving your time.
Take ownership of your development and attain highest levels of self-awareness.

Here's what comes with Self Paced Simulations

Developed with futuristic technology to provide top notch user experience and output.

Intuitive dashboards

Get accurate real-time insights and leverage it to deliver feedback on the go.

Rich user interface

With crystal clear visualization that boost creativity and offer highly engaging user experience.

Learning Trends

Get valuable insights such as the time take to complete the course and user behaviors on it.

Capability tracking

Real-time dashboards that deliver user progress and continuous feedback for improvements.


With leaderboards, make learning even more fun, exciting and develop a sense of healthy competetion.

Verifiable Certificates

Appreciate users with learning certificates for the efforts they put in improving themselves by seeking knowledge

And a lot more...

Simulation Configurations

Tailor made set of solutions to satisfy your needs

Ready to Learn

Explore our wide range of readily available gamified simulations.
(Available in three variants self paced, assisted, and assessment.)

Ready to Build

Build custom solutions that cater to your needs. Get desired outputs and personalized experiences.

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