5 Signs Your Employees Need Upskilling Training (Immediately)

June 1, 2022
5 Signs Your Employees Need Upskilling Training (Immediately)

5 Signs Your Employees Need Upskilling Training (Immediately)

Employees always go through the company upskilling program which should improve their knowledge. However, there are situations when it is quite possible that they are not getting any training. There are several signs to watch out for at work to understand whether employees need upskilling training. They can be a good starting point in determining whether your workers could benefit from this kind of program.

Business is dynamic and ever-changing. If your employees are not upskilling regularly, they will fall behind the competition. In this blog find out how you can recognize symptoms that your team needs upskilling training and quickly learn how to deal with them.

Here Are 5 Signs(Shortlisted) That Indicate Your Employees Need To Be Upskilled Right Away

1. They Are Not Familiar With The Latest Technologies

The pace at which technology is changing means that no one can afford to stop learning. Employees need to be upskilled, re skilled and trained on the latest technology tools. To stay on top of things, get a monthly or quarterly report on the number of training hours each employee has completed, and look for gaps in the required training hours.

You might also notice a drop in their productivity if they are not familiar with the latest technologies, or unable to use them properly because they haven't received the right training. In fact, 65% of global HR leaders believe that workforce skills gaps will impact business growth and revenue over the next three years. If your employees are struggling with new software or processes due to lack of training, it’s time to implement an upskilling training program soon.

2.They Have Difficulties Completing Job Tasks

One of the most obvious signs that your employees need upskilling training is if they are having difficulties completing job tasks. It's not uncommon for businesses to take on new responsibilities and expand into different areas, but when a company does this, the employees may not have the correct skills to get the job done. It's important that you assess your staff members' skills, so you can figure out what areas your team needs to improve upon. If you notice that everyone in your office is having trouble getting things done in a timely manner, then it may be time to bring in a third-party professional or hire an internal trainer who can teach everyone how to do their job more efficiently.

Ultimately, when employees have difficulty completing job-related tasks, it is a sign that they need additional training. This may be a result of outdated processes and technology or simply because they have forgotten certain protocols. Upskilling can help them update their knowledge base and refresh their skills so they can perform their jobs better.

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3.They Are Unable To Work In Teams

You'll often see these signs in an employee who is unable or unwilling to work with others on a team. Some people might think they can get away with only doing their own tasks and leaving the rest up to others. They may also feel like they can do better work than anyone else on the team, so they aren't willing to share what they know. These individuals won't be contributing their full potential, and that's a problem for everyone involved. After all, it's hard for one person to complete every single task needed for a project without help from everyone else on the team. Make sure your employees are aware that this is unacceptable behavior by calling them out when it happens and having a frank discussion about why it hurts the entire group when they act this way.

If your employees are having difficulty working in teams, it might be time to invest in team building workshops that focus on communication and collaboration. By helping them learn how to better interact with each other, you can help them get more done together.

4.They Need Guidance And Supervision On A Daily Basis

Before you can tell if your employees need upskilling training, it’s important that you have a clear idea of what the responsibilities and objectives are for each employee. This is not only because employees who aren’t aware of their responsibilities may struggle to estimate whether they are meeting performance expectations, but also because if they don’t know what they should be doing, it will be difficult to tell at first glance whether they are performing their duties properly. Employees who need upskilling training will likely have trouble completing their work without guidance or constant supervision.

This isn’t to say that an employee who needs help should not receive it—this could be a necessary part of any job. However, if one of your workers needs step-by-step instructions to complete certain tasks on a daily basis, then you can assume that he might be inadequate in his particular role or position and will benefit from upskilling training in order to become more self-sufficient.

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5.They Seem Frustrated

Of course, it's always a good idea to check in with your employees regularly to see how they're feeling. But if you notice a pattern of frustration among them, it could be a sign that they need more training before they can effectively do their jobs. For example, consider what happens when you give someone a new project that's similar to one she's done before. If she's been trained well on the project, she'll have no problem taking it on—she'll be able to apply the same skills and techniques for the new task as she did for the old one.

But if she's not very confident in her ability to execute the project, she might feel frustrated because she doesn't want to let anyone down or create more work for herself by starting something she can't finish. It's easy to tell the difference between a satisfied employee who feels empowered and one who is frustrated because he lacks confidence in his abilities. The latter will come up with all kinds of excuses to stay away from his desk. He might show up late or leave early every day without fail. He might even take longer lunches than everyone else so he can avoid having to do anything that requires him to use his brain—or worse, he'll sit at his desk doing nothing but surfing the internet.

Additional Signs You May Observe In Your Employees When They Lack Necessary Skills:

1. They're Not Hitting Their Targets Or Deadlines.
2. They're Unmotivated, Perhaps Even A Little Apathetic.
3. Their Work Quality Has Tanked.
4. They're Turning In Sloppy Work And Not Paying Attention To Details
5. They're Complaining About Paperwork And Other Administrative Tasks 6. They're Not Helping Their Coworkers
7. They Don't Seem To Be Learning New Skills Or Advancing
8. They Keep Getting Passed Over For Promotions
9. They're Missing Opportunities
10. Certain Tasks Take Longer Than They Should
11. You Have Trouble Finding Talent
12. They Don't Take Feedback Well
13. Customers Are Complaining
14. You Notice A High Turnover Rate
15. New Employees Aren't Being Trained Properly
16. Your Staff Is Not Diverse
17. Your Staff Is Diverse But Lacks Cultural Understanding
18. Technology Isn't Being Utilized Properly
19. Productivity Is Down
20. There's A Lack Of Innovation

Takeaway: All these symptoms can be often observed in the workplace when employees are not getting any training. If you want to increase their skills, you should definitely consider upskilling training.

When it comes to motivating employees, sometimes all it takes is a little incentive. One way to provide this incentive is by offering upskilling training. This type of training gives your employees something new and exciting to look forward to each day and will also help them feel like they're part of a team. Additionally, if you can provide an environment where they feel safe and supported while learning, this will encourage even higher levels of motivation and productivity in your staff members overall.

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